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  • Who is Boss Battle for?
    Everyone who loves fantasy games! We've seen both casual and hardcore board and card gamers alike get immersed in this Boss Battle for the ages.
  • How long is one game session?
    A game session is normally 20 mins per person even if you are just learning the game. Game sessions depend on skill level and game variant (co-op, solo or competitive). The less players playing, the faster the game usually goes.
  • When will the game be released?
    We have completed our first Kickstarter, fulfilled all our backers and are out of our current run of copies. Sign up to be notified of our next Kickstarter here: 😄
  • I have a question about a rule. How can I get clarity on that?
    You can reach out to us here, message us on social media or join our discord and we can answer your question. We look forward to it! Facebook: Discord: Twitter: Instagram:
  • How is Boss Battle different?
    Unlike Boss Monsters and Red Dragon Inn, Boss Battle is an epic boss fight between one Boss and 1-3 Heroes. Either the Boss wins, all Heroes win or NOBODY wins! Boss Battle takes the best qualities from deep card games and combines it with strategic board game play, where position and timing are key! This is where chess meets Magic the Gathering! Boss Battle is layered with themed Heroes and Bosses. These decks level up to different game-play paths organically during battle, giving players a deck-builder-like feel. Then finally add in the '1 vs. many' asynchronous format and you get an intense battling game unlike any other that will keep you asking for more!
  • Is there a Cooperative Video?
    We will be releasing our general rules which contains our co-op rules inside. In the meantime, we have tons of gameplay videos of co-op on our Facebook page. If you are interested in learning about co-op mode, come play with us on table top simulator!
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